Type of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Product in Indonesia

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FMCG products in Indonesia

Global market influence does happen in Indonesia. Including to provide the best FMCG product with different values.

Market research Indonesia for food showed that most of the FMCG included as instant food.

However, digitalization does happen and give influence on every product. The ones that remain to stay in a high place is the best food with better adaptability in the market. 

List of Highly Purchased Fast-Moving Product by Consumer

Instant Noodle

Most of the Asian citizen would love to eat noodle. In fact, Indonesia is a country where instant noodle is a favorite food.

Most people often preferred to eat instant noodles rather than rice.

However, there is a huge competition between the instant noodle products. Indomie remains sit at the top as the number one brand to consume in Indonesia. There is another factor why people would love to eat this food. 

For some reason, noodles would have the cheapest price rather than rice. That is why many people often choose instant noodles once they are running out of budget.

With a great taste and seasoning powder for Indonesian people. Yet, the nutrition inside one pack of noodles is also quite good and able to provide better health. 


We cannot underestimate rice as the main FMCG product in Indonesia. Except for noodles, rice is one of the primary products to consume as daily food.

Marketresearchindonesia.com, Indonesia FMCG Consulting, may consider paying attention to rice and noodle as the main goods. The delivery is also quite effective to provide a whole stock to all Indonesian Market in every region.

Instant Coffee

Western people are identical to consume coffee for their daily routine. Indonesia is also a coffee producer with a huge variety of tastes. However, most of the Indonesian citizens would love to drink instant coffee.

There is a lot of reason why this might happen is that some people feel lazy to drink an original coffee.

Coffee with sugar and creamer mixed inside often become the best choice. 


In Indonesia milk is also important. There is a lot of different milk which the consumer would like to buy. Including baby and child milk, teenager, adult, full cream, and sweetened condensed milk.

Even though the price of a particular milk is quite expensive; people tend to use sweetened condensed milk as a daily routine. It has a cheaper price with better taste rather than any type of milk.  


Asian taste of food known as one of the favorable dishes. That is why most people in Asia would love to get some seasoning with many different kinds of taste for one food only.

Savory taste can be found in much local food stores or restaurants in Indonesia. Most of them are using a lot of seasoning products for their food. In the market, this product may generate a huge profit for producers.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Product would have a significant impact from digitalization. Products with better effectiveness and quality will remain to sit in a higher place.

Thus, market research Indonesia should pay attention with customer pick points. Some of them loved to use an instant product as a part of digitalization and the modern way of life. Price still remains as the biggest impact for the product.

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