Play One Piece Claw Machine Mobile Game and Win Real Unique One Piece Prizes

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one piece claw machine

When asked about their favorite manga, many people tend to say One Piece as the answer. If you love this manga too, you must try One Piece claw machine app from Japanese Claw Machine (JPM). This app is a mobile game that allows you to win real One Piece prizes.

What You Get From One Piece Claw Machine

Collecting One Piece figurines is becoming a hobby of One Piece lovers. You can buy the figurines from various online shops. However, if you want a unique and rare collection of those figurines, you must play One Piece anime claw machine from Japanese Claw Machine.

JCM has exclusive merchandising contracts with One Piece anime series. Therefore, One Piece prizes in this game are guaranteed to be exclusive figurines in limited numbers.

Some of the prizes you can win are Monkey D Luffy Vol.6 figurines, Nami stampede, and TonyTony Chopper figurines.

Another good thing about this app is that you can get a figurine only for $1 per play. This price is much lower than the real figurine price. If you win the prize, JCM will ship the One Piece prize to your address.

More about the Claw Machine App

Some of you may never hear about a One Piece claw machine app from JCM. However, you can be sure that this mobile game really sends you the prize.

The game has been downloaded millions of times and countless players have received their limited One Piece figurines. 

Before you play this game, you need to know more about the JCM.

  • Claw Machine Types

This claw machine app offers several claw machine types. All of them have interesting graphics and easy-to-control claws. However, they offer different challenges for the players.

A certain claw machine asks you to drop the prize between rods.

Meanwhile, another machine asks you to slip the prize between rubber bands. For a more difficult challenge, you can choose to play one that asks you to pick and drop a chain connected to the prize or drop a small ball in a certain hole.

  • How to Play

To play this claw machine, first, you need to install it on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Then, you can follow these steps.

  1. Choose the prize you want and pay $1 per play
  2. Play the claw machine
  3. Win the Prize
  4. Wait for the One Piece figurine delivery.
  • Shipping

All the One Piece figurines will be shipped from Japan. This app provides international shipping service that covers 60 countries. Therefore, One Piece lovers from all around the globe can enjoy this game and receive their prizes.

  • Bonuses

JCM will give new players 5 free premium tickets that allow you to win the game for free. These tickets are available in a limited period so that you need to download this claw machine app before it runs out of bonuses.

  • Tips

To increase your chance in winning One Piece figurines from JCM, you had better play the practice games first.

These free practices will help you to control the claws easily and win the prizes quickly.

The claw machine online game from JCM is a great game for One Piece lovers. It offers a fun gaming experience and a great place to get rare One Piece figurines for your collection.

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