3 Pikachu Claw Machine Singapore to Win Pokémon Figures

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Singapore is a beautiful country where you can find anything, including the Pikachu claw machine Singapore. Huge fans of Pikachu and his cute Pokémon friends will do anything to get the original exclusive Pikachu plush toys from the claw machine.

If you too are a fanatic fan of Pikachu, there are many claw machines in Singapore you can visit and also some online claw machine games you can play at home on the smartphone. First of all, you must know where the best claw machines to get Pikachu plush toys are.

Best Places to Play Pikachu Claw Machine

Singapore has lots of malls and amusement parks. But you can’t find Pikachu plush toys in random places. As a big fan of Pokémon, you need to visit the Dream Claw where uncommon plush toys of Pokémon can be found and won. Also, there are some other claw machines to play.


The Dream Claw

This best claw machine for Pokémon lovers is located in the Queensway Shopping Centre, the best place to get inexpensive sports apparel. But apparel is not the only thing you’ll find in this place. The shopping center’s second level offers the Dream Claw for Pokémon fans.

This claw machine will not only give you the Pikachu you desire but even many uncommon Pokémon characters such as Diglett and Ampharos. Do whatever you can do to win them and bring them all home.

The Play United

The heaven of Pikachu claw machine Singapore is a nice nickname for the Play United. There are almost a hundred claw machines you can find in the Play United in Hougang Mall. What’s so special about the claw machine games here?

This claw machine center has a unique area where you can find the prizes in bigger size than the ones in the claw machine. If you can win 5 smaller Pikachu plush toys from the claw machine, you can exchange them with one big sized Pikachu plush toy, if you want to.

You’ll really love this idea if you already have some small sized Pikachu toys. The big sized one is going to complete your collection.

The Kiap Kiap Place

Can be found in the Funan Mall, this claw machine will give you all the iconic Japanese figures you want. However, you need to win the figures to bring them home. There are plush toys from Walt Disney as well such as the Mickey Mouse.

Pikachu and Rilakkuma are some of Japanese figures you can find and win in this claw machine in Singapore. Each play only requires 0.40 dollar so you can play as many times as you want. What if you have played for many times but didn’t win any Pikachu figure?

Simply ask the staff. The staff here is super friendly and is willing to help you win by adjusting the plush toys and figures. You’ll feel more comfortable to play and win the Pikachu claw machine Singapore much more easily. As a Pokémon lover, you should win the entire figures offered by this claw machine.


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