Market Research Iraq: Online Market Research Tools

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tools for market research

Market research is crucial for a business as it gives an important insight regarding the market.

With it, a business is better equipped to provide the market with the product and/or service they have.

There are many ways to do it, including using online tools. If you are already conducting market research Iraq yourself, you can use the tools we listed below to help you further.

4 Online Research Tools

Before the internet came into existence, the ability to do market research is very limited to small businesses.

Now, it is different. With the internet, even small businesses can conduct market research on their own.

There are many tools freely available on the internet to do market research. As a result, market research can be conducted with little to no cost, provided ones know how to do it.

#1: Keyword Search

First and foremost of online market research Iraq tools is a keyword search. When you try to search for something using a search engine, you enter a word, and you will find related objects.

This word is known as a keyword. Now, what you need to do is to find the keywords that people use to find the type of product or service you provide.

You can use keyword search engines to gauge people’s interest in the keyword you enter.

Not only that, but you can also find out competitors in your business and how many sites are already providing a certain product or service.

There are many keyword search engines online. Two of the most popular are Keyword Discovery and WordTracker.

#2: Online Surveys

A survey is an important part of market research in Iraq.

While online surveys may not be as accurate as in-person or phone surveys that use random sampling, online surveys are a good way to get an insight into whether or not your idea or product interests people.

It also costs little to nothing as well. Some online surveys you can use are WebSurveyor, KeySurvey, and EZquestionnaire.

#3: Competitor Links

Search engines like Google can help you find out about your competitors in the business. You can use Google to find out the number of sites that link to their websites.

This is a good way to find out the link development as well as the PR campaigns of your competitors. You can also find out about their product or service. If you sell a better product or service, you will have the leverage to get better publicity.

#4: Blogs

You can read blogs as a way to measure public opinion regarding a certain product or service. This is because blogs are more frequently updated than regular websites.

You can get up to date information from blogs. For this purpose, you can use search engines that specifically search for blogs such as Blogpulse or Technorati to help your market research attempt.

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