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pokemon claw machine

Due to the stay-at-home orders, many people have been quite active in digital gaming. Claw cranes, or claw machines that formerly could only be found in amusement arcades or shopping centers, are now available online.

Japan Claw Machine (JCM) successfully launched a claw machine app with real prizes to claim, creating vast excitement for game maniacs.

Not only for game lovers, but the JCM app also awakens the anime enthusiasts worldwide since it has exclusive merchandising contracts with anime series, including Pokémon, the well-known Japan-based media franchise.

Therefore, limited-edition Pokémon characters are available on JCM, and you will not get them anywhere else.

You can claim Pokémon characters from all regions, such as Pokémon, Axew, Clefairy, Eevee, Kabigon, Lapras, Minccino, Pikachu, Piplup, and Squirtle.

pokemon claw machine

Other than collectible figurines, you can also find merchandise like calendars, eco-friendly bags, Pokémon-like cushions, slippers, towels, watches, and many more. The greatest thing about it is it only needs $1 per game to claim your items. 

Just as the real-life claw machine, you have to choose your prize first, then control your claw to reach and win it. As you win, your items will be shipped from Japan via DHL or EMS. These international couriers ship to more than 60 destinations. 

The app is user-friendly in a way that it provides a simple game instruction to help players puzzle out the claw machine game and a great UI/UX design.

This app is downloaded by almost 31,000 players, from the newbies to the pros. JCM gives free unlimited practice plays to hone players’ skills.

Further, if you have problems regarding the how-to or your items, you can reach out to JCM’s customer satisfaction team. They will answer your questions right away.

Find the app on App Store or Google Play, venture into the Pokémon world, and train your characters to battle!

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