2 Types of Claw Machine Real Prizes to Win

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Prize Claw Machine

Japan Claw Machine is a famous game you can play at home and get the claw machine real prize. The entire prizes provided by this app are unique and exclusive prizes from Japan that you can’t find anywhere else. What will you get by playing this game?

The claw crane center of this Japan Claw Machine sits at Mount Fuji’s foot in Shizuoka, but you don’t have to fly to Japan just to get the exclusive prizes you desire. The Japanese gifts can be won simply by playing the game on your android or iOS device.

The Claw Machine Real Prizes for Its International Players

Wherever you are, you can get the app and play this game to win the entire prize. Japan Claw Machine offers various types of prizes including electronic stuff, anime stuff, toys, soft toys, and even foods. Below are some types of prizes you can get by winning the claw crane game:

Claw Machine Prizes

  • Electronic stuff

There are at least 3 limited edition electronic stuff you can get from playing and winning this Japan Claw Machine game. The first one is the waterproof video camera complete with its stand arm.

This is a 30 dollars prize you can win for free with the premium tickets.

The other electronic prize you can win is the USB charging mini cool box. This thing can help you cool a 350 ml-sized canned drink. Its original price is 50 dollars but you only have to pay a dollar for each play until you win this stuff.

And the last one is the limited edition wireless earphone. Win this 40 dollars earphone in the claw machine app for free.

However, if you have spent the entire premium tickets, you have to pay only a dollar for each play. That’s why you must be serious in trying to win precious prizes.

  • Food prizes for the winners

If you want to try some Japanese foods for free, you must leverage the premium tickets to win some Japanese foods as the prize.

There is Umaibou, the 30 piece Japanese stick snack you can win for free with the help of premium tickets. Or you can win a box of limited edition snack calpas that the original price is 5 dollars each box.

If you don’t have the premium tickets anymore, you must spend a dollar each play to win this tasty Japanese snack.

Another food provided by Japan Claw Machine as the prize is Nissin Raoh cup noodles. This Japanese noodle comes in 2 delicious tastes: hot chili and soy sauce.

Make sure you win the game and taste all Japanese food for free or for only a dollar.

Many Other Claw Machine Real Prizes

Those are not the only prizes you can win by playing Japan Claw Machine.

You can get the figurines of Disney, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Pokémon, Demon Slayer, and the other characters by playing 5 different claw machine game modes that are so challenging.

Get the app now and start winning the entire prize.

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