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We are an authorized Chris Reeve Knife Dealer...  This site updated February 20th, 2016 ... All knife sales are FINAL, the reason being why we don't accept returns is that we sell only brand new in the box Chris Reeve Knives with all original boxing, birth certificate and other paper work.  Nothing we sell has been refurbished, used or is a demo which means that it has been shipped and then returned by another customer.   We sell only brand new in the box, genuine Chris Reeve Knives made at the Chris Reeve factory in Boise, Idaho USA.   You can easily verify that we are an authorized dealer by contacting the Chris Reeve Knives in Boise, Idaho.  Our store front is located in Naples, Maine - Pottery By Celia.  Call for an appointment to preview a knife that you are interested in at 207 693 6100

LEGAL:  You must be at least 18 years of age in order to purchase any knife from this website. The purchaser is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and shall certify that he or she is not prohibited under any Federal, State, or local law and/or by any court order from the purchase, acquisition or possession of knives. We will not ship any knives to New York City due to the restrictive laws of that area. By the act of ordering a knife from this site, the purchaser agrees that we have no liability to the purchaser, or any person, whatsoever arising from any use or possession of purchase products. No warranty on any knife is expressed or implied.

NO DISCOUNTS: As a dealer we are under a contract with Chris Reeve Knives Inc. to sell knives at MSRP so please don't ask for a discount as we do NOT discount our knives. We only sell knives to locations in the USA... Yes of course, we sell and ship knives to customers in Alaska and Hawaii.

CARE: Keep your knife stored in a cool, dry location and do not store your knife inside a leather sheath for extended periods of time as the tannins in the leather can be corrosive.   We recommend that you keep a light film of gun oil on the blades of the knives that you care about while they are being stored.  We recommend that you do NOT allow your Chris Reeve knife or other valued knife to soak in water over night as corrosion may result.

KNIVES IN STOCK as of November 11, 2015... include the: Inkosi, Mnandi, Nyala, Professional Soldier, Green Beret, Neil Roberts Warrior, Small and Large Sebenza 21 knives in various configurations, and more are all listed on our new...  On-Line Shopping Cart

QUESTIONS ?  Contact us at or call 907 444 5751 (voice and text msgs) and ask for Marshall Talbott - Manager is a division of, LLC

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Mailing address:, Attn: Marshall Talbott, PO Box 4116, Naples, Maine 04055 ...

You can visit our store front at Pottery By Celia in Naples, Maine, Route 114, exactly 2.5 miles south of Route 302  ..

Call in advance to arrange an appointment for knife sales at 207 693 6100.